Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RAFW - Rachel Gilbert, Aurelio Costarella, Zimmerman

Rachel Gilbert - Strong brows  are an easy look that almost any woman could pull off.  Napoleon took this to the next level at Rachel Gilbert and literally painted on thick, shapely brows.  Yeah it's OTT, but this is fashion!  Lips were oh-so-soft pink and cheeks had a hint of colour but it was the skin that was a standout for me.  Dewy and fresh, and illuminated to the nth degree.  Rumour is that Napoleon slathered on his new Suto Pilot Skin Renewal Serum onto all the models for hydrated, plump skin.  Gotta get me some of that.  And there's that high bun again - well, we all know how we're wearing our hair this season...

Aurelio Costarella - Now THIS is what I call catwalk makeup!  Wearable is great, but you see that in fashion magazines every day.  Catwalk is the chance to step out of the ordinary and into the realm of fantasy and aspiration.  Gold leaf stuck to your temples?  You'll look like a crazy person.  Gold shimmer on your temples?  Now that's achievable.  Adding to the look is slicked back hair that erupts into a crimped explosion of fabulousness.  This is a low bun on steroids, and I love it.

Zimmerman - strong lips ahoy!  This gorgeous burgandy is a custom blend from three MAC colours - Crimson, Burgandy and Brown (thanks Bella Sugar!).  Strong brows and bare eyes kept the look balanced.  And what about the hair caught in the metal neck cuff?  I would have to keep fighting the urge to pull my hair out.  And I'd sink to the bottom of the pool... oh, you can take it off?  Nah.  Fashion is sacrifice, darling.

(all images from Bella Sugar)

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