Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lip Tars - Katricia, Demure and Hoochie

The darlings at Makeup and Glow love to throw in some samples when you order - and with all the theatrical makeup I've been doing lately I've been ordering a lot!  I asked to try the latest OCC Lip Tars, which are all about the purples.

OCC says: Creamy violet.

I say:  Yeah, it's purple.  Almost Cadbury purple.  I wouldn't wear this on its own, but it's a great base purple to own.  I'd be looking to add a drop of red to bring it to a more wearable colour.  In fact... how does NSFW (red, for those unfamiliar with LT shade names) look blended with it?

HOT!  Still purple, but much more wearable with a pink edge in it.  This is my favourite 'blend' that I did for this post.

OCC says: Rich, purplish fuschia.  (swatch below is Demure first, and Anime underneath for comparison)

I say:  Fuschia, baby!  Bright bright bright.  Not as bright as Anime, but you can see the 'purplish' tint when they are side by side.  Still freaking bright though.  But let's try to tone it down... with Grandma (coral).

Ooh, now this is nice.  In real life it's still strong, but the 'electric' edge has been taken off.  I really like this combination.

OCC says: Vivid, true magenta.

I say:  neon purple!  This would be great for a high fashion look, but also remember the amazing mixing quality of lip tars and you could easily create some divine shades.  Use it to lighten up a colour that you think is a little deep, but you don't want to use white (since it just looks like a pastel of the original version).  If I felt like mixing a new colour with this I would add... Fondue (dark brown).  Because I can.

I'm always surprised when I mix the Lip Tars - this is still a statement lip, but more 'winter' than 'Ibiza Disco'.  In real life it's very dark and vampy, not something I would do myself but I wouldn't look twice if I saw this on someone else.  Really nice.

Personally I don't think I would add any of these to my collection - I have ten (yes, I know...) and I've covered all the primary colours with a few extras, so I can mix almost anything I need.  If I was going to add anything I'd love to have Katricia as I think it's the most 'wearable' of the three when mixed with other colours.

I'll have to do a post on my favourite Lip Tar hybrids.  What's your favourite blend?

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