Monday, May 3, 2010

RAFW - Camilla, Lisa Ho, Marnie Skillings

Three different looks, three very different designers.

Lisa Ho (by Linda Jeffreys - MAC) - holy natural, Batman!  Barely there, soft bronzed makeup with gorgeous skin.  But the hair was a clear winner for me - it's the J-Lo beehive but moved to the back of the head, making it instantly wearable.  The sheer volume creates drama but is yet easy to create and would work for most people.  Next time you go to twist that ponytail, stop and give it a quick tease before you pin.  You'll be so cool your 15 year old neighbour won't even have anything to say.



Camilla (by Napoleon Perdis) - the kaftan queen.  This was a colour explosion!  Bright fabrics floated down the catwalk with even brighter makeup and crazy headpieces.  I loved the variety of the looks - it's nice when it's not the same makeup on every model.  Napoleon says they reflect the four different looks in the show - (left to right, top to bottom) Fluro, Atlantis, Pastel and Tribal.



To bring this back to the street, take note that the colour is on the eyes and the lips and cheeks are nude.  Pick a colour that features in your outfit but tone it down and think about coloured liner instead.  If you're feeling brave try using a bright colour in the outer corners and into the crease - if you use it all over you run the risk of looking cartoonish.

Marnie Skillings - this will be my winter look.  Pale eyes and gorgeous plum lips.  I love the colour here (will let you know when I find out what it is!) because it's not too dark and gothic (which can be easy to do when it comes to purple lips).  Skip the gloss to keep the lips more flat and velvet-like.  Soft hair and feminine dresses make this vintage look one of my favourites of the day.

(Photos from Marie Claire and Primped)

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