Monday, May 17, 2010

Beauty of the Earth EOTD/COTD

COTD?  Does Cheek of the Day even exist?
Well, in this blog it does!  :)

Ok, so first look - Peacock on the mobile lid (up to the crease) and under the eye, with Mississippi Mud in the crease, black liner on inner rim and black mascara.  These shadows are a breeze to blend, but just be warned - being a loose powder means that you really need to place the shadow where you want it, rather than brushing the shadow on.  Otherwise it will spread too far - and with dark colours it can mean starting over again.

Second - Big Ego with Wicked blended over the top.

Now for the cheek!  Obviously this is Georgia Peach...

... but what happens when I blend a little bit of Wicked over the top?

Amazing!  Not just a highlight, but it actually brings it to more of a pink rather than peach!  It did need to be buffed back, which is testament to the strong pigment.  But so easy to use.

I love blending - it's always full of surprises :)

P.S.  Oops!  Forgot to show you the gloss - I really like it!  A soft nude, but the sparkle keeps it interesting.  Super smooth and non-sticky texture, yet slightly thicker to keep it on the lip for longer.  I'm buying more for sure!


The Informed Makeup Maven said...

I love the blush and how you blended the lids.

Can't wait to read more posts!

Hannah said...

@The Informed Makeup Maven

Wow, thanks! Really appreciate it :)
wait till you see my Fyrinnae haul!