Monday, May 17, 2010

Haul - Beauty from the Earth!

I placed an order with Beauty from the Earth as a test run for both shipping time as well as the products.  I placed the order on the 4th May, and it was in my mailbox today (17th May).  That's nine working days to ship to Australia - not bad!

Here's the haul:

I got a little bit of everything to test out the range - two sets of lashes (US$2 each), five eyeshadows (four samples @ US$2 each, one full size on special for US$2, one free sample in pouch), one blush (sample size, US$2), one lip gloss (US$9.99), one gel liner (US$8.99) and a blush brush (US$12.99).  This cost me US$47.97 (AUD$53.06) in total including shipping, which I think is great.

This is the gel liner ('Tanzanite') and the blush ('Georgia Peach' in sample size).  The gel liner wasn't as opaque as I had hoped, as this is two or three coats.  My initial thought is that I'd rather use this as a cream base for a smokey eye - I'll try and do an EOTD tomorrow.  The blush is more of a summer colour, but the peach is soft and girly with a strong shimmer effect.  As it's winter now this may become a highlight over a darker blush, but I like it!

Here are the shadows!  These are just gorgeous, with a smooth texture and easy to build opacity.
Peacock has that sometimes-blue, sometimes-green effect to it which is really pretty.
Fire Dancer was more glittery than the rest but I was surprised to find I loved it!  In my next order I'm going to get a lot more of the glitters - the super-fine particles give the great effect without being gritty on your lids.
Big Ego is an instant favourite.  A deep purple that is perfect for winter.
Wicked is a light mauve that gives off a green reflect - a gorgeous highlight or mobile lid colour.  Do I dare to use it as a cheek highlight??
Lastly is Mississippi Mud, which is a true matte chocolate brown.  Ignore any sparkles you see, as it's just fallout from the others.  Great deep brown, but I'm hesitant to use dark colours in loose powders as it's so easy to get it out of control.

The lip gloss was Belladonna, which is a sheer champagne-nude colour.  This will be great to tone down colours, or just to add a bit of a disco effect.  The texture is nice and smooth, and bonus points for the brush applicator.

I can't wait to create some looks with these products!  And I'll definitely be placing another order!
What do you think?  Do you like to use loose pigments?

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