Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RAFW - Bianca Spender, Alice McCall, Friedrich Gray

Bianca Spender - let's get the obvious out of the way.  There are feathers on the brows.  I assume you won't be doing that yourself, so let's see what else is there.  The inner corners have a divine bluish/teal colour that is kept quite defined, and the rest of the eye is soft neutral-browns.  The cheeks are softly contoured and the lips are bare.  It's all about the eyes here.

Alice McCall - love this look!!  Clearly it's not a street look, but the colour on the temples is fabulous!  The eyes are really drawn to the temple area, which is usually not very interesting.  If you look at the inner portion of the face the skin is dewy, the eyes just have mascara and the lips are soft (what colour is that?  Must... have... it...) so there are no elements competing for attention, yet it is fresh and youthful.  The super-fun braids in the hair are a great and easily-replicated summer look - the key here is keep the ends long and with a bit of a kink - don't plait to the very end of the strand, and don't straighten your hair first.

Friedrich Gray - this is all about the inner corner of the eyes (again!  Seeing a trend emerge is fascinating, no?).  The silver started in the peak of the crease and drawn in a straight horizontal line until it is in line with the inner corner, then drawn down.  This creates light where usually there is darkness and shadow, so the eyes open up and the model looks fresh.  Hooray!

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