Thursday, April 29, 2010

New MAC comp - New York Fashion Week? Yes please!

Hey all!

If you didn't win the chance to be the MAC correspondant at RAFW, then dry your eyes as you could be jetting off to New York Fashion Week and experiencing the thrill of a fashion show for yourself!!!

Simply enter at - and according to the terms and conditions you can enter once a day, so add it to your bookmarks and put a reminder in your calendar!

Entries close May 7th - good luck everyone!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Australis Haul - Part Two!

After the pleasant surprises of my first post, would the good times continue? A lip gloss and a brush set were awaiting my review... and the results are in!

Let's start with the Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss in Hip Hop (RRP $11.95)

I was initially worried as bronzes aren't my colour of choice.  I'm not a fan of tanning or bronzing after seeing so many bad examples walking down the Brisbane streets every day.  But this product came out quite sheer, and was actually really wearable.

The smell was like a fruit that I can't put my finger on (but nice - not off-putting at all), and the texture wasn't at all sticky - just smooth and easy to wear.  The colour was almost like a nude that had a subtle bronze tone to it, and the small glitter particles add a touch of fun without being too 'disco' for daytime..  I could see myself wearing this on its own, or over other colours that are too pink for my tastes.  I like it!

And now the Brush Set (RRP $18.95)and Angled Liner Brush (RRP $6.95)- which I have to say I don't hold high hopes for.  I hate scratchy brushes, so I'm very picky with what I use.

First points go for size - great for travel.  Short handles mean they fit in my cosmetic bags.  Good start.

The brush set says it has a 'domed eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow applicator, tapered lip brush, brown brush, mineral powder brush and foundation sponge'.  I would consider it to have an 'eyeshadow brush, lip brush, lash comb/ brow brush, cheap sponge and two useless applicators'.  The mineral powder brush is cheap and scratchy, and the 'eyeshadow applicator' is a cheap sponge-tip that will last one swipe before it splits.  The foundation sponge has the texture of a disposable, so will disintegrate quickly.  But the eyeshadow brush is dense and soft on the eye, the lip brush is tight and will give a great line, and the lash comb/brow brush works well.

The angled liner brush is soft as well and applies shadow well, but it's too soft for a tight line.  Keep it for smudged/smoky shadow.

If you want great brushes at a low price point, go for EcoTools (which is available at Priceline).  Don't bother with these Australis ones.  I'll be using these in emergencies only.

So there you go!  More Australis than you can poke a stick at :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Australis Haul - Part One!

 had the pleasure of attending some makeup artist workshops run by the awesome Mandi Levanah in Sydney, which were amazing.  She willingly shared the secrets of the industry that she had to learn the hard way, and I am forever thankful for her.  She's also sparked my obsession with manicures and OPI polishes, but that wasn't hard!  So if she ever reads this - thank you so much, and I can't wait to do another workshop with you :)

As part of the workshops we got a goody bag!  Yay for freebies!  And it featured a number of Australis products, which was interesting as their low price point can often reflect poor quality.  But she swore to us that times have changed, and we'd love these products.  And, like so many other things, she was right!

First of all - Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Cha Cha

This was surprisingly sheer, and took a couple of coats to build up to this intensity.  This isn't a tone of red I would usually wear, but the smooth and moisturising formulation has me interested.  I think I'll keep this to mix with other colours, but I may pick up a different colour in this range. A RRP of $12.95 for such a wearable formulation is music to my (poor) ears.

Next - Perfection Brush On Lip & Cheek Tint

I've always kept clear or lip & cheek tints, as I'm naturally (too) rosy and thought they would highlight my overall redness.  But I was pleasantly surprised with this combo!  I had an English-rose flush to my cheeks and a subtle stain to my lips that was totally wearable.  Add some volumising mascara (vibrations anyone?) and I'd be ready to leave the house.  This could be my new winter look!

RRP $10.95 (bargain!)

Lucky last - Jumbo Mineral Bronzing Powder

Mandi swore we'd be surprised at this product - she claimed it was the perfect bronzer colour.  And she was totally right!  A soft bronze sheen illumnated my cheeks but in an oh-so-subtle way.  I did have to buff this colour after application to soften the edges, but that may be because it was applied straight over liquid foundation (for the smoothest result I should have powdered my face first).  And I'm not a fan of tans or bronzing, but this was a great contour that just added warmth to my cheeks.  And for RRP $19.95 for 35g of product, you get a lot of bronzing for your buck.

Check out the difference - the cheek tint is on the lips and the left cheek, the bronzer is on the right.
(gosh I look serious - makeup testing requires concentration!)

The lipstick will need some tweaking before it enters my makeup bag, but the lip/cheek tint and the bronzer are going straight to the pool room (oh, how very 'Aussie' of me!).  I always wrote off Australis as poor quality, but these products have proved me wrong.  I love it when that happens!

Next up: review of Australis brushes and a lip gloss - will the surprising results continue?  Stay tuned!

WOW! Illamasqua to launch in AUSTRALIA!

I'm so excited for this!!  The amazing sensation that is Illamasqua is reaching the sunny shores of Australia!  Myer Sydney is the first stop in June with other stores and states to follow.

This is AMAZING news for us Aussies who have to import this amazing range from OS.  I love online ordering, but when it comes to makeup there's nothing quite like the touch/feel experience of seeing products in person.

Here's hoping for Alex Box to jump on a plane and make some appearances too!

Are you as excited as I am?!?!?!?!?

Eyeshadow Application - Quick Contoured Eye

It's great to see all the amazing and creative looks that artists can do - but when it comes to everyday looks, who has the time?  Personally I'd rather sleep for an extra 10mins than bother with a complicated eyeshadow routine. So I thought I'd show you my easy 'work' look that's quick to create yet a simple change of colour combinations can keep it from being boring.

It's two steps with one brush - that's it.  An all-over colour wash, and a contoured crease.  Anyone can do it.

Start with a light wash of foundation over the eyelid - this will help with the longevity of your eyeshadow.

Step one:  A colour wash from lashline to brow with a tight but fluffy brush.  Best to be done in a neutral colour - this makes sure any colour applied over the top stays soft and well-blended.  Harsh lines are the enemy of a flawless look.

Base colour - Oradess eyeshadow in Vanilla Cream (RRP $19,


Step two:  Contouring the crease.  An understated look would dictate a taupe or other cool colour, but if you want to create interest be daring and choose a bolder colour.  Deep purples can almost be as flexible as browns,  or choose a complementary colour to your outfit (don't match - it's so 1990's!).  What about a deep green, bright blue or even a hot pink?

Crease colour - Oradess eyeshadow in Purple Velvet (RRP $19,


Just pick up the colour in your brush, tap the handle on the back of your hand (to remove excess colour), keep your eyes open and place the brush in the outer corner of your socket line.  Then use a window-wiper motion back and forth along the crease line, moving up ever so slightly so your last stroke sits on top of your crease.  This will make sure that the edge of the shadow is soft and blended.  If the colour isn't deep enough, repeat these movements.  If the colour is too much or the edges aren't blended, pick up some of the neutral colour from step one and apply over the top.


Add mascara and you're done!  I tend to skip eyeliner during the day as my lashes add all the definition I need.


This is a very typical work look for me - this features Australis Perfection cheek tint and Australis Colour Inject lip gloss in Hip Hop.  These will be reviewed in upcoming posts.

Once you've practiced this eye technique this makeup look can be done in 5 minutes flat!

What's your super-quick makeup tip?


I have two desert island essentials - foundation and mascara. And this week I've bought new supplies of both.  So first I bring you the mascara review, since it's the most... satisfying.  And prepare for lots of innuendo.  You'll see why in a moment.

First up - Rimmel Sexy Curves.  I scored this as a freebie at the Primped Look Book sessions.

My first thought when seeing the wand - are you KIDDING me?  What IDIOT designed this wand?  How could a wavy wand evenly coat all my lashes?  I scoffed and felt superior in my opinions.

Then I tried it - and I shut the hell up.

This mascara separated my lashes like no other.  Normally I have to wipe the excess off the wand to avoid too much product being applied, or comb them afterwards.  Not with this baby.  I'm lucky in that my lashes already have plenty of curl, but it held its shape well throughout the day.

For the price (RRP $17.95) I think this is an amazing mascara.  If you want separated, defined lashes rather than thick and voluminous this is for you.  This will be my everyday mascara, as I prefer something thicker and more dramatic for night.  But it's definitely a sexy formula.  And if there isn't a new mascara on the market I want to try, I'll definitely repurchase this.

And in keeping with the sexy theme... introducing Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara (RRP $23.95).  Otherwise known as 'The Vibrating Mascara'.

I couldn't help myself.  Priceline's 20% off sale gave me the perfect excuse to try this baby out.  Could this battery-operated buddy help my lashes reach their climax? (*giggle*)  Send them into the throes of of ecstasy... I mean volume?? (*giggle*)

Maybelline promises clump-free definition, intense colour and shine, building lash volume with length and curl.  With a vibrating wand.  As this is my first vibrating device (*giggle*) I didn't know what to expect.  But now, as a seasoned vibrator (*giggle*) I'm left rather satisfied (*giggle*).

It's a strange sensation having a vibrating wand near your eye.  I kept flinching, but I learnt to place the wand at the base of my lashes with the vibration alrealy turned on.  Otherwise you run the risk of starting the vibration and displacing the wand into your eye, which is not the idea.  Then you slowly brush the wand up your lashes and let the vibrator do the work (*giggle*).

No mascara, one coat, two coats:

Separated?  Absolutely.  I was amazed.  The subtle vibrations really do help the lashes stay defined.  They looked long and volumised.  And multiple coats didn't create any clumping.  Me likey.  To make sure it was the vibrations and not the design of the wand, I applied the mascara without vibration.  And it definitely wasn't as effective.  In fact the clumping happened almost instantly, and multiple coats made it much worse.  So yeah, it was the vibrations making it work.

But in the end... is it worth it?  Would I buy it again?  Honestly - as much as this works, it's just a fad product.  You can achieve the same result with a regular mascara and a lash comb.  It's a fun novelty, but it does take time to make sure you did it right - vibrating wand + running late for work = watery eyes and ruined makeup.

I'll be using the mascara until the tube runs dry or the battery runs out.  But I don't think they'll be any vibrating items in my bathroom in the long term.  Well, not a mascara anyway... oh dear, I've gone too far...  ;)

Have you tried any of these mascaras?  What's your verdict?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Want to be the official MAC correspondent for Australian Fashion Week??

Would I lie to you about such an amazing opportunity??
I am NOT KIDDING PEOPLE!! Get aboard this gravy train NOW!!

Here's the scoop directly from the mouth (ok, email...) of Hannah from Splendid Communications:

I thought your readers might be interested in a competition MAC cosmetics is set to launch  - it’s a very exciting opportunity to win the role of official Rosemount Australian Fashion Week correspondent for MAC Cosmetics. For any budding journalist or writer, this will be a one-off opportunity which involves a VIP access pass to the shows with all their fashion week musings posted on the official MAC cosmetics Facebook page. All they have to do is explain in 100 words or less why they should be MAC’s official Rosemount Australian Fashion Week correspondent.
Excited??  Me too!  Head here for the scoop:
Are you entering? I will be!! Best of luck to everyone!!