Friday, April 16, 2010


I have two desert island essentials - foundation and mascara. And this week I've bought new supplies of both.  So first I bring you the mascara review, since it's the most... satisfying.  And prepare for lots of innuendo.  You'll see why in a moment.

First up - Rimmel Sexy Curves.  I scored this as a freebie at the Primped Look Book sessions.

My first thought when seeing the wand - are you KIDDING me?  What IDIOT designed this wand?  How could a wavy wand evenly coat all my lashes?  I scoffed and felt superior in my opinions.

Then I tried it - and I shut the hell up.

This mascara separated my lashes like no other.  Normally I have to wipe the excess off the wand to avoid too much product being applied, or comb them afterwards.  Not with this baby.  I'm lucky in that my lashes already have plenty of curl, but it held its shape well throughout the day.

For the price (RRP $17.95) I think this is an amazing mascara.  If you want separated, defined lashes rather than thick and voluminous this is for you.  This will be my everyday mascara, as I prefer something thicker and more dramatic for night.  But it's definitely a sexy formula.  And if there isn't a new mascara on the market I want to try, I'll definitely repurchase this.

And in keeping with the sexy theme... introducing Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara (RRP $23.95).  Otherwise known as 'The Vibrating Mascara'.

I couldn't help myself.  Priceline's 20% off sale gave me the perfect excuse to try this baby out.  Could this battery-operated buddy help my lashes reach their climax? (*giggle*)  Send them into the throes of of ecstasy... I mean volume?? (*giggle*)

Maybelline promises clump-free definition, intense colour and shine, building lash volume with length and curl.  With a vibrating wand.  As this is my first vibrating device (*giggle*) I didn't know what to expect.  But now, as a seasoned vibrator (*giggle*) I'm left rather satisfied (*giggle*).

It's a strange sensation having a vibrating wand near your eye.  I kept flinching, but I learnt to place the wand at the base of my lashes with the vibration alrealy turned on.  Otherwise you run the risk of starting the vibration and displacing the wand into your eye, which is not the idea.  Then you slowly brush the wand up your lashes and let the vibrator do the work (*giggle*).

No mascara, one coat, two coats:

Separated?  Absolutely.  I was amazed.  The subtle vibrations really do help the lashes stay defined.  They looked long and volumised.  And multiple coats didn't create any clumping.  Me likey.  To make sure it was the vibrations and not the design of the wand, I applied the mascara without vibration.  And it definitely wasn't as effective.  In fact the clumping happened almost instantly, and multiple coats made it much worse.  So yeah, it was the vibrations making it work.

But in the end... is it worth it?  Would I buy it again?  Honestly - as much as this works, it's just a fad product.  You can achieve the same result with a regular mascara and a lash comb.  It's a fun novelty, but it does take time to make sure you did it right - vibrating wand + running late for work = watery eyes and ruined makeup.

I'll be using the mascara until the tube runs dry or the battery runs out.  But I don't think they'll be any vibrating items in my bathroom in the long term.  Well, not a mascara anyway... oh dear, I've gone too far...  ;)

Have you tried any of these mascaras?  What's your verdict?


hollyjcurtis said...

Great reviews!
We must have different lash types, as the Rimmel Sexy Curves really wasn't that great on me. It was much better for lengthening (not it's main aim) for me than curling and seperating.. mine were a little clumped when I used it. Disappointing, I had to give it away!

Hannah said...

How strange! Maybe if you have more lashes than me it would clump, as mine are sparse it worked a treat. Only for day though, volumising was minimal.

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

Great reviews hun! I'll be retweeting this article x