Saturday, April 17, 2010

Australis Haul - Part Two!

After the pleasant surprises of my first post, would the good times continue? A lip gloss and a brush set were awaiting my review... and the results are in!

Let's start with the Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss in Hip Hop (RRP $11.95)

I was initially worried as bronzes aren't my colour of choice.  I'm not a fan of tanning or bronzing after seeing so many bad examples walking down the Brisbane streets every day.  But this product came out quite sheer, and was actually really wearable.

The smell was like a fruit that I can't put my finger on (but nice - not off-putting at all), and the texture wasn't at all sticky - just smooth and easy to wear.  The colour was almost like a nude that had a subtle bronze tone to it, and the small glitter particles add a touch of fun without being too 'disco' for daytime..  I could see myself wearing this on its own, or over other colours that are too pink for my tastes.  I like it!

And now the Brush Set (RRP $18.95)and Angled Liner Brush (RRP $6.95)- which I have to say I don't hold high hopes for.  I hate scratchy brushes, so I'm very picky with what I use.

First points go for size - great for travel.  Short handles mean they fit in my cosmetic bags.  Good start.

The brush set says it has a 'domed eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow applicator, tapered lip brush, brown brush, mineral powder brush and foundation sponge'.  I would consider it to have an 'eyeshadow brush, lip brush, lash comb/ brow brush, cheap sponge and two useless applicators'.  The mineral powder brush is cheap and scratchy, and the 'eyeshadow applicator' is a cheap sponge-tip that will last one swipe before it splits.  The foundation sponge has the texture of a disposable, so will disintegrate quickly.  But the eyeshadow brush is dense and soft on the eye, the lip brush is tight and will give a great line, and the lash comb/brow brush works well.

The angled liner brush is soft as well and applies shadow well, but it's too soft for a tight line.  Keep it for smudged/smoky shadow.

If you want great brushes at a low price point, go for EcoTools (which is available at Priceline).  Don't bother with these Australis ones.  I'll be using these in emergencies only.

So there you go!  More Australis than you can poke a stick at :)

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