Friday, April 16, 2010

Eyeshadow Application - Quick Contoured Eye

It's great to see all the amazing and creative looks that artists can do - but when it comes to everyday looks, who has the time?  Personally I'd rather sleep for an extra 10mins than bother with a complicated eyeshadow routine. So I thought I'd show you my easy 'work' look that's quick to create yet a simple change of colour combinations can keep it from being boring.

It's two steps with one brush - that's it.  An all-over colour wash, and a contoured crease.  Anyone can do it.

Start with a light wash of foundation over the eyelid - this will help with the longevity of your eyeshadow.

Step one:  A colour wash from lashline to brow with a tight but fluffy brush.  Best to be done in a neutral colour - this makes sure any colour applied over the top stays soft and well-blended.  Harsh lines are the enemy of a flawless look.

Base colour - Oradess eyeshadow in Vanilla Cream (RRP $19,


Step two:  Contouring the crease.  An understated look would dictate a taupe or other cool colour, but if you want to create interest be daring and choose a bolder colour.  Deep purples can almost be as flexible as browns,  or choose a complementary colour to your outfit (don't match - it's so 1990's!).  What about a deep green, bright blue or even a hot pink?

Crease colour - Oradess eyeshadow in Purple Velvet (RRP $19,


Just pick up the colour in your brush, tap the handle on the back of your hand (to remove excess colour), keep your eyes open and place the brush in the outer corner of your socket line.  Then use a window-wiper motion back and forth along the crease line, moving up ever so slightly so your last stroke sits on top of your crease.  This will make sure that the edge of the shadow is soft and blended.  If the colour isn't deep enough, repeat these movements.  If the colour is too much or the edges aren't blended, pick up some of the neutral colour from step one and apply over the top.


Add mascara and you're done!  I tend to skip eyeliner during the day as my lashes add all the definition I need.


This is a very typical work look for me - this features Australis Perfection cheek tint and Australis Colour Inject lip gloss in Hip Hop.  These will be reviewed in upcoming posts.

Once you've practiced this eye technique this makeup look can be done in 5 minutes flat!

What's your super-quick makeup tip?

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