Monday, May 3, 2010

RAFW - Leona Edmiston, Ginger & Smart, Seventh Wonderland

Leona Edmiston - oh dear, I'm in love.  A statement lip is what I'm (trying to be) all about, and Leona Edmiston pulled it off to perfection.  Keep the eyes pale and add a rose blush and I'm in red lip heaven.  The forward knot in the hair was just genius - very high-fashion, not sure if I could do this in real life.  But I may use it for a photo shoot.  The side curl adds a quirk which I love.


Ginger & Smart - I hate to say it, but I didn't like this hair look.  This reminds me of my own hair after I've lazily straightened it and pulled my growing-out-fringe back out of my eyes.  Poker-straight hair is out in my book - volume is much more flattering on most people.  I like the golden eyes that get a bit dark and smokey in the outer corner, with some false lashes adding extra drama.  Cheeks are softly contoured and the lips are coated with a pinky gloss.


Seventh Wonderland - yay!  Creative hair!  Wet-look gel is generously applied before the hair is flattened to the scalp and shapes are sculpted over the face.  I assume it's a more stylised version of your own hair as you emerge from the ocean and you casually swipe it out of your eyes.  Minimal makeup is used - but as we're looking at beachwear that's kinda fitting as you're not meant to wear makeup to the beach (although I do).


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