Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RAFW - Little Joe Woman, Nicola Finetti, Alex Perry

Little Joe Woman - I've been rocking the 'pop-of-colour-on-lower-lashline' look for a while now, and Gail Elliot has validated my love by using this in her debut parade for Little Joe Woman.  It's a super-fun look but can be as subtle or as out-there as you like.

Nicola Finetti -  Oh, this is my style.  All over.  Eyeliner is strong , starting in the crease and finishing with a 60's flick at the end.  White shadow on the lid helps to highlight the contrast.  Modern-day Twiggy.  Hair is teased into a massive beehive but the finish still has texture and life rather than drowned in hairspray and rock hard.

Alex Perry -  I know I'm all about makeup, but it's the hair that got me here.  Look at that height!  The volume screams glamourous and ends in soft, sexy curls that look like they were set yesterday (and the movement is amazing on the runway).  Eyes are a sexy, feline shape that extends until the temples with a gorgeous pewter in the inner third to highlight and add some metallic interest.  Glitter is then flicked over the top half of the face, cementing sparkles as a major trend already emerging from RAFW.  Peachy cheeks and soft lips ensure that the attention stays nose up.

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