Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Indelible Cream Shadows

Another Makeup and Glow order, another sample.  This time it was for their line of indelible cream shadows - I got Brownie Points (brown) and Plumkin (purple).

First of all, I found the application rather difficult.  I've never used cream shadows before, and was confused how I was meant to blend these out to avoid a harsh line.  In the end I just kept wiping product off my brush and blending out, but I didn't feel confident with it.

Here are the swatches:


Brownie Points - true brown, quite dark on application.  This was the easiest of the two to use.


Plumkin - dark purple with flecks of glitter.  This was HARD to blend.  Maybe my sample was dry, but the consistency was much harder and blending was a nightmare.  You can see in the photos that the coverage is patchy and uneven.  Again, whether this was a dry sample or because of the glitter I can't tell you.  Colour was pretty, the sparkle was only obvious on close inspection.

I decided to wear Brownie Points to work the next day, and again found application was hard to get right (but it is getting easier!).  The amount of product needed is so small but it doesn't really spread, so I ended up patting the colour over the lid then blending out the edges to try and get an even application.  No powder was put on top as I wanted to see if it would crease.

Currently it's been on my eyes for about 5 hours and my lids still feel a bit sticky - which is REALLY annoying.  I have no doubt that this would disappear with a dusting of powder (note: yes it does, just tried it), but then I wouldn't be testing out the product, would I?  It certainly hasn't creased which is great, however the colour has definitely faded to a more subtle brown wash.

Overall these cream shadows aren't for me.  The difficulty in blending, the time spent to get an even application and the residual sticky feeling turned me off.  Maybe in my next order I'll pick up a lighter colour (maybe Gold Frost or Immortal) and test whether it could be used as an eyeshadow base, like a MAC Paint Pot.  Brownie Points might be good as a base for a smokey eye, but I wouldn't buy Plumkin - pretty colour, but too patchy and inconsistent.

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