Thursday, May 6, 2010

RAFW - Gary Bigeni, Kate Sylvester, Konstantina Mittas

Gary Bigeni - I know I've said it before, but I love it when the looks are varied within a show.  These models were either 'aqua' or 'peach', and it consisted of a colour wash over the eye up to the brow bone.  Interesting tidbit - no mascara was used.  Apparently there was a 'black ban' for the whole show.  Weird.

Kate Sylvester - this picture is extra large because it is extra gorgeous.  Feast your eyes on your new makeup look.  That is if you want to look young, sexy and amazingly feminine.  It's all about cheeks and lips here - colour stains provide a softer edge and a more subtle flush than lipstick or straight blush would supply.  Eyes are gently defined with mascara and undetectable (well, maybe a little) liner.  Hair is straight, but not ghd-straight.  Just... natural straight.  Men will be putty in your well-manicured hands.

Konstantina Mittas - Super fun!  I had never heard of this designer, but I love the styling here!  Pastel blue temples, bright pink cheeks, massive hair that looks like you were caught up in a cyclone?  Why on earth not!  This is fashion after all!

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