Sunday, May 2, 2010

Logies 2010 - Fashion Wrap Up

God bless the Logies.  It's just a popularity contest, determined by the readers of TV Week (read: grandmas) and people who still bother to enter contests by SMS voting (read: teenage girls).  So the results mean very little to me, although massive props to Ray Meagher who nabbed the Gold Logie from Rebecca Gibney in a last-minute voting surge.

The most exciting thing about the Logies will always be the fashion.  As Australia doesn't have the plethora of awards nights like our overseas counterparts it means that the stars usually go all out - and it shows.  Some go overboard (I'm looking at you Neighbours/Home and Away kids), some play it safe for fear of being branded 'worst dressed' for the next 12 months.  And although this was true for 2010, overall it was.... dull.  Same styles we've been seeing for the last few seasons.  Nothing that made the world tremble and my knees go weak.  But still - there were some noteworthy efforts, some of which are below.

Black-lace-over-nude-dress was a HUGE trend, spotted on many of the stars.  Some did it well (Jessica Marais - DIVINE) and some missed the mark (Sigrid Thornton).

The colour palette was safe for most, with white featuring strongly along with blush tones.  I loved the way these soft colours were mixed with jewels to keep them interesting - Margot Robbie's sparkling shoulder was outstanding (I LOVE structured features at the moment).

One disappointment for me was the lack of statement jewellery - I love a simple dress with an amazing necklace or a jewelled cuff.  Some outfits would have benefited from some extra bling to take them from average to amazing.  I adore Rebecca Gibney, but I felt that the look lacked something - stronger earrings would have been my pick.

My best dressed of the evening went to Gigi Edgly.  I saw this dress and gasped.  The white is crisp, the black adds amazing shape and the jewelled neckline brought the look up to a red-carpet standard.  Modern elegance - this whole ensemble made my heart sing.

Highly commended goes to Claudia Karvan, who showed that you don't always need a gown to look amazing.  Her hair colour distracted me (don't think that blonde is the best tone for her) but the old-world alternative style of this outfit made her a standout.

Now let's look at some of the fashion shockers of the night:

First of all, let's get Brynne Gordon out of the way.  It's horrid.  But she's an attention seeker in the tackiest way, so this was expected.

What about Carrie Bickmore?  This is one of those strapless dresses that make your breasts look like eyeballs.  All it needed was some fringing on top to make eyelashes... oh hold on, that's there as well.  The bustier looks like cheap satin and wrinkles in all the wrong places.  The puffball at the bottom could have worked if the top was more streamlines.  She's got a GORGEOUS figure though.

Thumbs down also to Jessica McNamee.  This dress is AWFUL.  Why is there ruching down the stomach?  What is that awful colour?  And is that velvet???  I think it's different elements that just don't work together well - change the colour to a bold red and it would look 1000% better already.  The ruching in the middle is awful, but maybe a different fabric would be more forgiving.  And if the neckline sat an inch or two lower the bust might look better.  Overall it's just... bad.

Other shockers included Tasma Walton (garbage-bag dress), Tessa James (typical trying-too-hard H&A star), Erin McNaught (way to hide a good body, Erin) and Ashleigh Brewer (my mum sews better than that and even she wouldn't do such a hideous 90's style neckline).

I'd like to finish with a high-five to Georgie Parker, who wore a Katies dress that costs less than $100 and proving to women that you don't have to spend your life savings to look great.  I suspect this dress will sell out across Australia.

Keep an eye out for my next post where I'll analyse the hair and makeup choices.

Who were your favourites on the red carpet?  And who should be hanging their head in shame?

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Makeupsales said...

I agree with all the comments. The dress on Sigrid Thornton is not good!! Sigrid,it's time to grow old gracefully I think. She is trying too hard to look young and she does not need to do that at all.

Great wrap up on the Logies all round. Congrats!