Monday, May 3, 2010

Logies 2010 - Hair and Makeup Wrap Up

Well you've read my Logies fashion post (I hope!) so now it's time for the hair and makeup!

Hair - updos were popular, with many variations seen across the red carpet.  Catriona Rowntree did a beautiful sleek plaited bun which is timeless, while Nat Bass went for volume and messy-sexiness to match the soft smokey eye.

J-Lo has a lot to answer for with two stars (Erin McNaught and Tessa James) being inspired and went for the beehive-style top bun.  I think it worked on Erin, but Tessa fell short.  Then again, I didn't like much about her look - too many elements competing for attention.  Tandoori tan, brassy yellow hair, dark eyes with her small features, pouffy dress - officially trying too hard.


Some wore their hair down, and volume was the key here.  Jen Hawkins wore her hair big and wavy, and I loved it.  Georgie Parker kept it straight-ish, but glossy and with lots of movement.  Who said older women can't keep their hair long??


Makeup - I love polished looks.  Especially if your dress is already competing for attention, tone down the makeup and keep it classic and sleek.  Jessica Marais kept her look strong with lots of liner but not the full-on smokey eye (see Nat Bass above), soft pink lips and a subtle cheek glow.  Or is that just love?

Smokey eyes is always a popular choice, but you have to make it work.  I am a firm believer in the 'eyes OR lips' theory of makeup, so smokey eyes should mean nude or soft lips.  Megan Gale = yes (although it's the SAME look she always does... yawn).  Jessica McNamee = NO (dark eyes, strong lips, standout dress... too much!).


A couple of stars really missed the mark for me with their hair and makeup, despite wearing stunning dresses.  I felt the eye makeup and pulled-back hair on Esther Anderson was way too harsh for her soft dress colour, and the tan is WAY too dark.  Camille Keenan kept to her natural pale skin but with the red lip, lined eyes, sideswept ringlets and strange black necktie she ended up looking like an extra from a spaghetti western.  This look ages her by 15 years.


My favourite overall look came from Livinia Nixon.  Her soft-yet-polished updo had the perfect loose curl to frame the face, while her makeup was fresh and understated yet red-carpet appropriate.  Minimal jewellry meant the beautiful fabric of her dress made the statement.  Does she ever age?  Stunning.

Worst look - Brynne Gordon.  No contest.

So what do you think?  Do you agree with my choices?  Will you be trying the J-Lo top bun?

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