Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RAFW Follow Up - MAC Speaks!

I thought I would share with you some of the information I was just sent by MAC about some of my favourite looks that they created for RAFW.  It's great to know the inspiration behind the looks and the products used, just in case something caught your eye!

Show:     Ginger & Smart
Key Make up Artist:  Natasha Sevorino for M.A.C
“The inspiration for this collection comes from inner feminine strength and self-awareness.  I wanted the make up to be naturally sexy for this show. Skin has been left raw yet made luminous, concealing only minor imperfections. Eye's are defined and sculpted and gold pigment has been used on the eyes and peak of lips to give a 'futuristic goddess' feel to the make up. Soft cream coloured paint has been used as future tribal war paint in the centre of the forehead and temples, to relate directly to ones ‘third eye’ and one’s own self-awareness.  

My take:  I LOVE the gold accents on the inner corner and cupid's bow of the lips.  Such an easy look to recreate at home.  Those of us not blessed with model skin might need some coverage, but keep it as light as possible.

Show: Zimmerman
Key MakeUp Artist: Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C

Linda said the “Inspiration behind the look: Cool and modern. Nothing is overdone or underdone. Strength yet soft. Balanced. Fresh creamy pure skin is highlighted by a strong deep plum lip”.
Description of the look: Perfectly manicured creamy skin. Eyebrow are slightly defined and lips are painted a matt deep plum colour.

Key Products used to create the look:
Face: prep + prime skin, prep + prime lip filler, face & body foundation, set powder invisible and porcelain. Select moisture cover in light colours.

Contour face with sculpting powder pro palette bone beige and shaping powder Lightsweep.
Eyes: Brow set clear, impeccable brow pencil taupe, black dirty blonde. Pro long lash barelash.
Lips: lipmix Burgundy and I mixed some red into the plum lipmix which made it more red/plum

My take:  Those lips are outstanding.  I would be using a lipliner to ensure a crisp edge that stops the colour bleeding throughout the day.  I totally agree with the 'strength yet soft' comment by Linda - exactly what this look projects.  This is also a look you can rock for winter, rather than holding back until warmer weather begins.

Show: Manning Cartell
Key Make-up Director:  Natasha Severino for M.A.C 
The direction for make up in this collection is one of a polished, modern Spanish woman.

We wanted the make up to be in tonal hues of warm, coffee like colours. The skin is flawless and polished, highlighted in areas to reflect the summer sun. Eyebrows are strong and sculpted to give the make up a sophisticated sexiness.

My take:  Brows.  Make them strong and proud.  As you can see on the image (oh, so Cassie from ANTM did go into modelling...) you don't have to follow your own brow.  Create the shape that you want.  I really like the sweep of the shadow towards the temple too.

Show: Romance Was Born
Key Makeup Artist: Natasha Severino for M.A.C

Natasha said that the “Inspiration for Romance Was Born S/S 10/11 is Renaissance Dinosaur”.  The collection has been broken up into a ready to wear section and 11 Haute Couture, one off pieces.
The RTW section consists of beautiful, ethereal sirens that are adorned with lace body art. Faces are polished and eyes are lined to create mystical beauties.
The 11 one off creatures has had make ups specifically created to be an extension of their magnificent gowns. They are:

Nail Dress
Dino Bird
Crystal Dress Volcano Girl
Snake Guts
Dino Tail
Kate Tribute
Renaissance Dino
Dino Slut
Renaissance Bride
Scale Girl

My take:  Dino Slut!  LOL!  Just looking at this pictures makes me sigh with delight.  And readjust my creative boundaries.

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