Thursday, May 6, 2010

RAFW - Anna and Boy, Dhini, Dion Lee

Anna and Boy - this is adorable!  The freckles, the coloured eyes... cute as a button!!  Super soft lips and a curled updo reminiscent of orphan Annie add to the youthful look.  Black liner and lashings of mascara keep it from being too doll-like and add a hint of grown-up sexiness.  Retro playful fun.

Dhini - look at that hair - clearly volume is in vogue.  I'm loving the mushroom cloud explosion of teased goodness.  I just want to poke my finger into it.  Is that weird?  You can see the white pearl highlight across the forehead and stretching to underneath the eyes.  Dewy skin again... trend alert!

Dion Lee - the hair is slicked back on top and straight from the ears down.  I don't like girls with wet-look gel in their hair unless it's short enough to cover all their hair, otherwise it just looks dirty and greasy.  But the makeup is barely-there and glowy.  Glossy lips are prominent, and I swear they go way over the lip line.  Don't try that at home, kids.

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