Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still here!

Hey everyone!  I'm still here... just cameraless :( so hence the no-new-postness!  Just ordered a new charger from eBay so *hopefully* I'll be back in business by the weekend.  Which means I have to keep my paws off all the goodies I got from the PRIMPED Look Book session on Friday night!!

After meeting the oh-so-delightful Zoe Foster (who is just a bundle of fun and knowledge wrapped up in amazing shoes - I was in awe!  *girl crush*) our group got a summary of the hot trends for Winter 2010 and a tour of the David Jones' cosmetic floor.  We were introduced to some new brands as well as old favourites.  Endota Spa really stuck out to me since I'm looking for new skincare, and their hand cream is AMAZING - with a lavendar and alpine pepper fragrance.  Loved!  Another standout was Kora, which we all know as Miranda Kerr's new organic line.  Her bestie and brother were there as ambassadors, and I think the line shows a lot of promise.

So, what's the trends for winter 2010?  Natural and easy.  Fall in love with brown again.  Zoe rocked a taupe eyeshadow which was a simple colour wash - no contouring, no liner.  With just the shadow and mascara her blue eyes popped and she looked fresh and youthful.  Foundation is semi-matte with a luminous glow that brings health and life into your face.  Hair goes back to its natural state - embrace your waves and love your 'original' natural colour.  Skincare focuses on organic products and anything natural.

The goody bag was just AMAZING - I promise I will post pics as soon as I get my camera working - but it was chock-full of samples and FULL SIZE products from most of the brands that we looked at and many that we didn't.  It will take me some time to test them all... what a shame  :)

A massive THANK YOU to Zoe Foster and the PRIMPED team for an amazing night!  See you next season!!


hollyjcurtis said...

I went to the last one and it was so fantastic so I am really looking forward to the Melbourne night! Can we have a clue as to some of the products in the goody bag?!

Hannah said...

I don't want to spoil it for you! But from memory: Kora, Endota, Burt's Bees, YSL, ModelCo, OPI, Rimmel, Bare Minerals, HissyFit and SO MANY MORE! It's massive!! Enjoy :)