Monday, March 1, 2010

Graftobian High Definition Foundation and Beauty Blender

First blog for my March blogging bonanza! A blog every day - that's 31 posts of goodness!

I thought I would start by showing you my everyday foundation - Graftobian High Definition Foundation. I actually bought a palette for my makeup kit, and liked it so much I bought a full-size tub in my colour. And at $20, it was cheaper than a lot of 'drugstore' foundations, so there was nothing to lose!


Let's get something out of the way early - it's an oil based foundation. Now before you run to the hills, let me explain that it is GOOD oil. Yes, there is such a thing. They use lanolin oil in this foundation, which actually is very moisturising and has a lot of healing properties. I have oily skin, and my skin ADORES this foundation. I no longer have issues with the air con at work drying out my skin, and it's only the second time that I still have found foundation on my entire face at the end of the day (first time was Colourstay).

An important thing to remember is that a little goes a long, long, LONG way. Seriously. If you use a brush, barely touch your brush to the pan and then buff like you've never buffed before. But you can also use it as your foundation AND concealer, by just using your fingers for a heavier coverage. Just pressing my ring finger gives me enough to conceal under eyes, chin, nose and eyelids. Crazy. This also means that this 14g pot will last you a LONG TIME. I'm at least three months in and I haven't even finished half. Amazing.

I used to try to blend with a foundation brush, but since my discovery of the Beauty Blender it's cut my application time in half. Instantly blended, easy to build up coverage and a gorgeous finish. There are heaps of reviews out there, and it's as good as everyone says. Pricey ($49.95 for 1 sponge + cleanser - and you NEED to use the special cleanser, as others start to break the sponge down) but well worth it. A makeup artist I know said her longest sponge lasted 18 months, and only got rid of it because it 'looked' worn. It's genius lies in the rounded end which is great for large areas and doesn't leave any hard edges, then the pointed end gets into small nooks and crannies for flawless application in seconds.


This foundation definitely needs to be set with a powder, as the oils mean it's prone to sliding around your face. I used the Ben Nye Neutral Set here, and although I use a brush I give it a decent powder. A puff wouldn't hurt. Set that puppy well and you'll be a happy camper all day.

Both of these products can be purchased from my favourite online store Makeup and Glow -

What's your favourite foundation?

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