Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane!

I'm sorry I've been slack on this blog, this last couple of weeks have been mental! I think I need some time off from my day job just to get my life in order. I still love you all, I promise!

So this weekend Counter Obsession leaves BrisVegas behind for the splendour of Sydney! I'm going for some artist workshops, but I'm using the quiet nights alone to catch up on blogging and test some products from the Primped goody bag! Since I've got so many travel-size products and samples I may as well leave more room in my bag for shoes :)

I've certainly got a lot to catch up on! The Kosmea skincare is coming with me, along with the Endota hand cream and the Kora body lotion. I'll take all the lip glosses too (I never have enough!). Oh, and the hair care products. That should keep me busy!

On top of that, I'm treating myself to an eyebrow shape at the Benefit Brow Bar in Paddington. Eek! No more disgusting, furry caterpillars in my EOTD posts! Growing out eyebrows is so annoying, but they are so much thicker and already my natural shape is coming back. A quick wax and tint and I'll be chic and polished!

I've only really got Monday to explore, so if you've got any recommendations as to where I should go let me know!


hollyjcurtis said...

I'm currently growing mine out now! Such a pain, people must think I'm a feral!

Hannah said...

Imagine sitting in a room full of makeup artists with caterpillar brows! It was so embarrassing... especially when we talked about the importance of eyebrows... *blush*