Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oradess Lash Confidence Mascara

As karma would have it I found my camera charger - 24hrs after ordering a new one from Ebay.  Humpf.  But it means that you no longer have to wait for new blogs, so... YAY!!

One benefit of a lengthy blog hiatus is a chance to really test out new products, and my latest was the Lash Confidence mascara from Oradess.  Umm... who??  Oradess is a gorgeous makeup brand created by Brisbane makeup artist Julia Dickenson.  The beauty of this range is that it doesn't focus just on products - there is a heavy emphasis on educating women how to actually use the products.  Isn't that clever?!?  She runs workshops all over Brisbane working with small groups of women and teaching them the tricks to applying makeup to suit their individual features.  And she's made sure that her products are very user-friendly as well - I've had a quick play with the eyeshadows and they're SO soft and blendable, but still with great colour payoff!  But that's for another blog...

As luck would have it I met Julia when she needed an assistant for a bridal party.  We hit it off from the start and she was kind enough to give me this mascara as a thank you.  Yes ladies, I didn't pay for this.  But for the record that doesn't change my review of the product.

Personally - I love this mascara.  I have long but sparse lashes, and I find anything that is a creamy or thick formula just makes them clump together.  Which makes it look like I have three lashes in total.  Being a more liquid formula this mascara could give me spidery lashes which is what I want.  And after two coats I gave an extra wiggle at the base for added definition - and it worked a treat.  Plus it's a true 'black' - another benefit of more liquid formulas.

No mascara, then after two coats (with no combing):

The only downside is the liquid formulation - if you don't know how to make it work.  If you don't like Maybelline Great Lash then this probably isn't for you.  But as long as you wipe the wand of excess product and comb after application I don't see how they can't work for almost everyone.

Check out the line at www.oradess.com - and as I'm going to an Oradess makeup party on Saturday hopefully I can show you more of the range!

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Karoline said...

I too have this mascara - and love it! With short fine lashes I've found many other brands to be thick, clumpy and stick but not Oradess!! It gives awesome definition and you can layer it to the thickness you want without having all your lashes stick together - and totally smudgeproof!!! I met Julia at a makeup party and she also taught me how to wear lipstick without the dry flaky feeling I usually find with over-the-counter lippie!!! I can't speak highly enough about Oradess products - they rock :)