Monday, March 1, 2010

EOTD - Neutral Work Look

My first Eye of the Day post!  This was a super neutral look, brought to you by the Yaby Neutrals palette.  This is the first palette I break out on ANY job, and it always serves me well.  It's much more than neutrals - the blues are amazing as well.  My only complaint is the small number of truly matte shades, which I need to use a lot for mature clients and bridal.

So this is how I looked today!


Now I count rows (R) top to bottom, and columns (C) left to right.  Try to keep up!
Base: didn't use one.  I usually don't if it's a pretty natural look.
Colour wash:  R2C5 to just above crease
Brow highlight:  R1C5
Crease contour:  R4C7
Top Liner:  R5C1
Bottom Liner:  R4C7
Mascara:  Gorgeous Cosmetics Formula Five in Onyx Black

This is my 'fallback' look when I don't have time to experiment and need to look polished in a hurry.  I'm usually running late so I like something that is quick and pretty foolproof.  Since I've already got my base on I just add blush and lip balm and I'm out the door.  Complicated looks are for weekends when I have more time!

I'll try to be more adventurous next time  :)

What's your 'fallback' look?

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