Sunday, March 7, 2010

Academy Awards - Hair and Makeup

Well now that we've seen the fashion, let's dissect the hair and makeup.  Most of the hair was up in a bun or some form or updo, which makes sense with all the bare shoulders.  Hair up is sexy for showing off great backs and gorgeous earrings.  If it wasn't up, it was blowdried and pushed over one shoulder, which is my favourite.  Most lips were nude, with the occasional shock of colour to keep it interesting.

And here come the stars:

Rachel McAdams looks polished to perfection.  The hair isn't too tight, the lashes add a bit of drama but the soft colour choices mean she's let her dress do the talking.  Although those earrings need to be in my collection.

Sandra goes for a pink lip!  Red is usually the colour-pop-of-choice but this rocks.  Much more modern.  Eyes don't overpower yet the liner and lashes add definition.  The sleek blowdry and side part are classic and so flattering - I love sideswept looks.  This will look great when she accepts her award...

Nicole misses the mark for me here.  I get the whole 60's vibe is her MO, but this looks too harsh and unblended.  At least the nude lips and soft cheeks don't compete - she chose one feature to play up, which is the way it should be.  The high bun lifts her face and lengthens her whole look.

Kate Winslet has the most amazing hair and makeup artists.  Look at that hair!  Oh my god, it's perfection.  The eyeliner on top gives a sexy shape and makes the eyes pop out, and adds the strength to the look so she's not fading into obscurity.  And the best brows in the business.

Holy hairpiece Batman!  This is BIG!  But you know what - I LOVE big hair!  This is statement hair, this is standout hair.  Wallflowers need not apply.  Eyes are heavy which makes her eyes look tiny, but it's becoming her go-to look for big events.

All looking a bit neat for your tastes?  Bring on Jennifer Lopez's messed-up updo.  I like it!  'Messy on purpose' can be hard to pull off but this is how to do it.  The 'mess' stays in the bun, while the front is soft but not messy.  It's controlled chaos.  Makeup is her standard, although reports say her bronzing was messy.  I don't have HD so it looked fine to me!

I may not have liked the dress, but I love the updo.  There wasn't much detail in the hair this year, so this really stands out.  And the jewel in the hair - love.  Her eyes are soft and the lips are almost bare, I would have liked more on one or the other but in general it's a winner.

I get the feeling that a lot of these pics will be brought to me by formal girls throughout the year, and with good reason.  Who were your favourites?

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Stefanie said...

Nicoles makeup looks really uneven! Hard to tell if it's just the light or if it's applied unevenly. Sandra looked amazing!!

Hannah said...

@Stefanie I agree, it wasn't a good application. Really disappointing for her. Sandra looks so YOUNG, just divine!

Veronica said...

Have to say I wasn't a fan of Sandra Bullock's look. I think the pink lippy was a bit too frivolous for the elegant and sophisticated dress and demeanor she was trying to show off.
But I definitely agree with your other comments. Kate Winslet was a GODDESS (I want to BE her. Or her best friend) and Rachel McAdams' hair pulled lightly back really showed off her gorgeous face and *those* earrings!!!!

Your blog is super-entertaining, good to see someone else staked out on the couch for the awards!:-D


Kessa Thea said...

I love Kate Winslet's look too. :-)

Hannah said...

REALLY?!? I thought she looked great, but I think the reason I loved the lippie was that it was unexpected. Then again, I didn't like the dress, so maybe that's why I was drawn to the lip!

Thanks for the blog love :)

Hannah said...

@Kessa Thea
My poor headblock is going to be tortured for the next week as I perfect this look. Divine. :)