Thursday, March 4, 2010

MAC 'Naked Liner' lipliner, 'Myself' lipstick and a Lip Tar experiment

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As soon as I saw the Too Fabulous collection from MAC I knew this was a collection calling my name. Gorgeous creamy textures, soft colours and a very girly feel. That being said, I'm trying to behave myself and not spend so much on makeup, so I limited myself to the one product that immediately drew me in.

'Naked Liner' seemed to be the nude I have been looking for - so often a 'nude' lipliner is too dark, especially for people who have naturally lighter lips. This looked perfect!

This is my natural lip, then with Naked Liner applied:


Yeah - it's REALLY nude.  As in skin-colour nude, not lip-colour nude.  This freaked me out at the counter, but now I see so many uses for this.  Not only is it great for cancelling out your lip colour altogether, but it's great to totally block out your natural lip shape so you can then redraw it!  The touch of pink works really well to avoid looking deathly.

To prove this I did a little experiment.  I lined half my lips with Naked Liner:

Then I added RX Lip Tar:

Can you see how much smoother the texture is?  The colour more vibrant?  And it was so easy to get the intensity with the liner, in comparison to the non-lined side which took a lot more blending and layering.  And added bonus is that the liner gets rid of any redness or discolouration around the lip, so your lipstick line looks really crisp.

And just for fun, I added Anime Lip Tar to the bottom lip:

It constantly amazes me how versatile Lip Tars are.  The colours blend well whether you're mixing them first or just applying straight on the lip (like I did here).  I've got ten colours, but there are new ones coming out - I'll see if I can swatch them for you!

Anyway, back to MAC...

While I was at the counter I looked for a nude lipstick (I don't own one - what's with that??) and I picked up 'Myself' lustre lipstick from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection.


I really like this colour!  It's nude, but it's more on the mauve-side so it's still interesting to wear.  The tiniest amount of shimmer keeps it from looking too flat.  Really like!

Here is Naked Liner with Myself lipstick:

I'm really glad I got these two colours.  Naked Liner is probably a little too 'nude' on it's own for me, but it makes other colours so vibrant and your lip line so clear.  Myself will now live in my handbag as my go-to lipstick, as it's so versatile.

MAC can be purchased all over the place, and the Lip Tars were from the lovely Rachael at Makeup and Glow -