Sunday, March 7, 2010

Academy Awards - Fashion

As you all have been warned I'm tweeting the Oscars live.  So far we've had the red carpet and three awards presented, and I'm EXHAUSTED.  So I'm taking a break during the minor awards to bring you some fashion!

In general it was similar silhouettes and safe choices.  One-shoulder, off-shoulder and strapless dominated.  So start looking after your decolletage, it's THE accessory of the season!  Nobody took any major risks, and some even took steps back.  Maybe they're all afraid to be on the Worst Dressed List, but it's a bit dull for us watching!

I've already been slammed by some of my Twitter followers for my opinions, but it's just my personal opinion.

Carey Mulligan, I knew you could do it.  Fun and age appropriate, love the beading and the new blonde hair!  Minimal jewellery doesn't overpower, but I don't know about the crossover strap on the shoes.  It makes you look shorter.

Charlize Theron with scrolls on her boobs.  And the soft purple tones just look... cheap.  Why would a beautiful girl do this to herself??  Love the strong lip though.

Rachel McAdams is my girl crush.  As one Tweeter put it 'THIS is how you wear print on a red carpet'.  The updo and simple jewellery keep the dress in focus.  And she's just gorgeous.

Sandra I'm not loving this on you.  The lace on the top doesn't blend well with the fabric below, and it's just a bit drab.  She's looked much better this season.

Maggie G is just adorable.  There isn't the drama of the Lanvin leopard-print dress, but I do love a print.  Blue really suits her.

Nicole needs to try a different style of dress.  It looks like everything else she's stepped out in.  And the makeup... I'll deal with that on another post.  Sorry Nicole, but you're getting predictable.

I hope JLo and Amanda Seyfried aren't sitting together.  This was almost a serious malfunction!!  But who did it better?  My vote is JLo - Amanda looks washed out, and the hair is a bit too tight.

Diane Kruger in Chanel Couture - I'm going to be controversial and say I don't like this.  The black looks too harsh against the nude, and it's *almost* trying to overpower it.  If there was less black it would have been more 'framing', if there was more it would have been more of a feature.  And the straight-ruffle-straight pattern of the nude panels means it just ends up looking too much.  But this is one of the opinions I got in trouble for, so I know others adore!

And another controversial one - theinfamous SJP in Chanel Couture.  I'm bordering on dislike, I'm afraid.  I like the idea, I like the old-school hair, I like the makeup (it's what she always has though).  I think it's the silver (?) roses around the neckline that throw me.  But I love the unexpected design compared to all the strapless gowns that was out there.

Miley - for crying out loud, you're on the Oscars red carpet!  STAND UP STRAIGHT!  Apart from that this is a nice dress, but all the maturity and style she exudes here is dispelled as soon as she opens her mouth.  That girl sounds like a 12 year old.  And her mother kept jumping into her interviews, showing off her tattoos and generally being trailer trash.  Miley in 15 years???

That's just a sampling of the red carpet fashions!  Who did you love?

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