Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Counter Obsession's Travel Karma

  1. If you have an important meeting that you have to fly to - no matter how much time you allow, you will be delayed enough to be late.
  2. If you're in a hurry, your bag will be last off the carousel.
  3. Similarly, all the hot, good-looking people get their baggage first, leaving you with no eye candy.
  4. You will arrive at the train station mere moments after a train just departed.  You will have to wait 27 minutes for the next one.  And you only need to travel two stops.
  5. Catching the first flight of the day means there are no cafes open.  No food.  No coffee.  Not good.
  6. There will be dead people on your train.  Specifically zombies.  Watch they don't drip blood on your luggage.

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