Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes

I bought these pencils last year at IMATS, and just fell in love.  Beautiful colour, smooth as silk to apply, and great longevity (they're waterproof!).  They are pricey ($32 each from http://www.mediamakeup.com.au/) and the application needs to be smooth to get a long-lasting result, but the payoff is worth it.

Since I already had black and brown pencil liners (and they look so dull compared to this range) I went for some colour -

From top to bottom - 10L (Copper), 11L (Purple), 22L (Silver) and 12L (Blue with Green Highlights)

Here are the swatches.  You can see that the Copper is a little chunky, which can happen.  The pencils are so soft, but if you sharpen them and wipe them clean any clumps should be taken care of.

Then to test the 'waterproofness' (I like to make up words!) I washed my arm with soap five times, and patted it dry in between each wash.  The results are below:

The clumps that were in the original swatch are the first to go, which is another great reason to ensure no chunky bits.  The others have faded slightly, but otherwise the colour is still strong.  I love this since the humidity in Brisbane gives me panda eyes, or I'm having a teary moment watching The Notebook I can recover with no telltale signs.

These liners are some of my favourites in my kit, because the vibrancy always shows up well in photos and the models love it!  I often use the Copper colour on a model's waterline to give some dimension to her eyes, and the result is amazing.

If you want a pop of colour that's going to last and you're prepared to pay for it, then I highly recommend these liners.  But I won't be spending the money on the standard black/brown tones - I think there are other brands that are easier to get hold of and a better price.

Do you wear coloured liner?  What's your preferred brand?

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