Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inglot Custom Palette - 5 Neutral Mattes

Meet my 5 new best friends from Inglot.  Mattes are so important in any makeup artist's kit, as they absorb the light and therefore won't highlight unfavourable things (like wrinkles) or can create contours where contours don't exist (like a socket on an Asian eye).

Case - black palette, magnetised cover. STRONG magnet - don't bother trying to pull it straight off, slide to the side to open.

Colours - From left to right - 390, 360, 363, 348, 376.

What do I think?
The colour payoff is amazing even with the lightest touch.  The shadows are soft which means easy to blend, and these tricky palettes use magnets to not only keep the cover on but are strong enough so the palettes can stack on top of each other.  Great for kit or bathroom/vanity organisation.  If mattes aren't your thing check out the amazing range of colours they stock - incredible!

Price - only $40 (includes a 20% makeup artist discount - full price $50)! SOLD!

A massive THANK YOU to the gorgeous girls in the Chermside store - they were so sweet as I ummed and ahhed over my choices and asked all sorts of stupid questions.

Have you tried Inglot?


Makeupsales said...

I have used their eye colours and their lipsticks. The eye colours were good but I found the lipsticks bled which was disappointing. They are not inexpensive either so to find they bled turned me off buying more at the time.



Hannah said...

How disappointing! I must say I didn't look at their lip products at all, I stuck with eye/cheek products. Might test one out next time - thanks for the heads up!

Stefanie said...

Snap! I just picked up an Inglot palette this week too - we're haul twins ;)
I'm totally loving their stuff right now

Hannah said...

Ooh, can't wait to see what you got! Hauling for my kit is never as fun as for personal use :)

Blusherine said...

Love your color selection, you made a really pretty Inglot palette!