Monday, March 8, 2010

Mecca Cosmetica, you disappoint me :( ** Warning: rant post! **

I was very excited to get an email regarding a Stila makeup event happening instore at Mecca Cosmeticas across the country. I'm a Stila virgin and thought this was a great way to learn about some of their amazing products from one of their top makeup artists. And $50 booking fee (redeemable) was very reasonable.

When I called to make the booking, I was excited. When I hung up the phone, I felt (and still feel) insecure and embarassed.

I spoke to someone on the phone whom I believe is new to the company, as she kept referring to her supervisor. This is no problem at all, she was quite sweet and endearing. Then her supervisor gets on the phone, and the conversation changes. Suddenly I'm getting fed 'lines' from a script. The supervisor gets my name, all my details and we confirm a booking time. And then the one line that stumbled the conversation was 'So you're ready to invest in a new makeup look?'

My answer to this was to explain that while I was looking for a new look I was also a makeup artist, and I wanted to learn about Stilas products. You would think this was a good thing, but I got a sigh. A loud sigh. She went on to explain that the makeup artists come to Australia for only nine days. And in these nine days they go to many different Mecca stores. And so the appointments with these artists are in high demand. And they are 'designed' for people who want to 'invest in a new makeup look'. At this point she pauses.... and so do I. I didn't understand what part of this speech was a question. So she sighs again and says 'so it's designed for people who are prepared to spend a lot of money on the day'. Ahh, I get it now. She was trying to discourage me from booking.  She doesn't know me from a bar of soap, she has no idea what my income is or what I am prepared to spend, but she somehow got the impression I was cheap. And therefore, I was not up to the standards of Mecca.

Her final line was 'So do you put yourself into this category?' By now I am so embarassed, but I've already given her all my details so I feel like I can't back out. I was being bullied, and even though I didn't like it I said 'yes'. I paid the deposit. And I hung up the phone. Feeling like Kmart in a sea of couture.

I will admit, I've never bought from Mecca before. But that's because I buy most of the brands that they sell from online retailers (and for better prices). So does being a new customer equate to being unworthy? To not having the money to shop there? Maybe it's because the attitude of your employees leaves me feeling like I've been hit by a bus - did you ever think of that?

And even if I don't have a high disposable income, it shouldn't matter. If I want to save up and have a one-off splurge on Stila products, you should make me feel as special as the customers who buy every week. The experience should be the same.

I'll go to my appointment. I won't make a fuss. I will buy whatever products I actually like, but I may only buy enough to redeem my booking fee. And you can't stop me from doing that. But it will take a pretty amazing experience to make me step back into that store. I'll either buy when I'm interstate or just go back to my online stores that have the stock I want, at a better price, and don't make judgements based on the tone of my voice.

You disappoint me Mecca :(


*Kozziosko* said...

dude! That is SHIT! I have to admit I don't go into Mecca stores, purely because I am made to feel uncomfortable, plus they have such a high markup on the products.
I hope the evening goes ok mate, and yep just redeem the amount you've spent. x

Hannah said...

Thanks :) to be honest I felt like crap for the rest of the day, it really shook me up. Now I'm just checking out Stila reviews and figuring out what I want, so I'm seeing the bright side - new products! Yay!!