Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's almost my favourite day of the year!!

It's not my birthday... it's not Christmas...

It's OSCARS DAY!!  *happy dance*
Monday is the day, Australia!!  The 82nd Annual Academy Awards are on!!

I love the awards season with an unhealthy passion.  Everything about them intrigues me - the fashion, the trends, the politics between winners and losers (Hurt Locker vs Avatar anyone?), the crocodile tears during speeches - I love it all.  I love it so much that I take the day off work to watch the live red carpet and awards ceremony on Foxtel. I sit in my living room, live blogs on the laptop, E! red carpet coverage and a brand new pedicure in progress.  And this year, like I did with the Golden Globes, I'll be tweeting up a storm!

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If you have a proper grown up job that you can't watch all the action or follow the feeds, then I'll post a wrap up of all the fashion and beauty looks from the stars.

You can always count on certain celebrities to turn on the glamour and look amazing, while others can be a bit hit-and-miss.  Kate Winslet is yet to let me down this season, sticking to the failsafe old-school Hollywood glamour and polished perfection.  I'll be keen to see what she wears, along with Drew Barrymore - who is a bit more unpredictable, but I love the risks that she takes.  Carey Mulligan is part of the young, up-and-coming starlets who continually looks fresh and amazing - I wonder if her new boyf Shia LaBeouf will be her arm candy?

Who are you looking forward to seeing on Monday??


Jen&Coops said...

OMG I love the Oscars too :) Always have. I have always dreamed of winning one!

I will be watching Monday, glued to the TV!!

Hannah said...

Fantastic! Another Oscars nerd :) let me know what you think!