Friday, February 26, 2010

Swisspers Blot-Off Oil Tissues

This was an impulse purchase during my Priceline haul - I've always wanted to try blotting papers, especially as my skin gets super-oily and shiny during the day.  So I'm a perfect candidate!

Upon opening I saw that they actually come in a cute, clear plastic envelope that would be so handy to have in your bag. I'm known for just throwing things into my handbag, so this was the papers don't get ruined.

I've seen some that have a powder on one side (which is really blot powder), but these are different. There seems to be no difference between the two sides, and the instructions say you can use either side. It felt a bit waxy to me, but I was preparing myself for powdered sheets so maybe it was just a surprise.  The size is probably a bit bigger than a business card - one sheet would stretch from my nose to my outer cheek, and from under my eye to the lip area.

Here's the before and after - it certainly has taken the 'super' shine away - I suppose it's now more 'dewy'.

They certainly feel soft against your skin - they are super light, and once your oil hits the paper they turn almost translucent.  All you do is press the sheet against your skin and the excess oil is absorbed immediately.  I waited until lunchtime to really test their power, and I had to use five sheets to degrease my face (one on each cheek, one chin & nose, two on forehead).  I was a little disappointed to see that there was a decent amount of foundation colour transfer as well as oil - usually having the powdered surface means that your foundation isn't disrupted.  But it certaintly took the only the excess oil away - I didn't look matte (again, the powder would have helped there), but I didn't look shiny.

In the end for the price ($4.99) they are a cheap, but I would bet that there are better papers out there.  I liked the idea of the powder as it would avoid losing foundation every time you have to blot.  The sheet size was great as well, as one sheet would fit my entire cheek area.  But if I keep using them I will have to bring my powder compact as well to mattify the skin and add back some coverage, so really I could just blot with a tissue and get the same effect.

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